Testimonial from Liz Burton-King

Massimo Gaetani is an inspiring, focussed and confident coach.  I attended a one day group session which centred on helping those in educational settings to address some common issues and develop strategies to tackle them.

It turned out that we were all interested in the coaching technique itself, which was revealed to be a cohesive, non-confrontational way of dealing with barriers to our own self-fulfillment.

I left with a clearer view of the questions to ask myself, and am now better equipped to deal with situations in my work and personal life that previously would simply have made me quietly cross. I am supremely confident that if your business needs to clarify its aims, ambitions and methodology, Massimo would help you unlock your potential and leave you feeling much better placed to deal with the challenges that come your way.

Liz Burton-King – Ipswich

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 10 Aug 2009

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