Testimonial from HLT

Before my coaching sessions with Massimo of MaGa Coaching I had toyed with the idea of doing an MBA course. For two years I researched courses and attempted applications but then ultimately did not follow them through due to a lack of belief in my own abilities.

Just weeks after starting my coaching sessions with Massimo I had made a formal application to my chosen business school and before the end of our 12 sessions had been offered a place. Something I had toyed with for years happened within weeks of my coaching. If I had not had my coaching sessions then I am sure this ambition would still be just floating around in my head and not have become a reality.

I would strongly recommend Massimo to anyone looking for a top-notch coach. Massimo is a genuine and very positive person. He is an exceptional coach and has been fantastic to work with, helping me to achieve clarity and the confidence to move forward.

HLT, production director – publishing company – Cambridge

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 5 March 2008