Testimonial from SRH

Having experienced a number of changes in my life over a relatively short period of time, I found myself at a particular low point in terms of confidence and self esteem and in need of some direction and focus, I wasn’t sure how I would achieve this until Massimo of Maga coaching was recommended to me.

As a ‘successful’ and ambitous Finance Executive working in the Pharma industry, I was keen for the focus of the coaching to be on areas of both my personal and professional life. For the latter, I feel the coaching supported my progress towards this, this was certainly evident as I was promoted within weeks of completing the coaching sessions and believe I am now in the right mindset to excel further and achieve my career goals.

From the initial meeting I felt comfortable with the informal yet professional approach, this continued throughout the coaching period. His coaching methods, of clearly defining personalised goals and a logical set of actions to achieve them, met my expectations and enabled me to get my life back on track. What I didn’t expect was how quickly this came about – I started to notice changes in myself within the first few weeks of coaching. These improvements continued throughout the coaching period to the current day.

So where am I now? Well post coaching there have been improvements in many aspects of my life including; entering into a relationship, enhanced career prospects, larger circle of friends and overall and most importantly I’m happy and confident again! So if you are looking a personal/executive coach then I can without reservation recommend Maga Coaching.

SRH, Finance Executive

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 8 March 2009