MaGa Coaching among the organisers of Skills Bazaar

If you are a entrepreneurs, running a small business in Cambridge and looking to offer your services to companies in the tech cluster this is the event for you!

Massimo Gaetani and MaGa Coaching are taking an active part in organising, promoting and managing this initiative in Cambridge.

The Skills Bazaar is designed to go beyond the traditional networking event.  It will be an event where everyone will be able to look for services or explore potential collaborations.

The programme includes:

Key Speaker: Martin Rigby, VC, entrepreneur and CEO of Psonar

  • “LookBook” handout, including all attendee photos and details
  • Four skills sessions for:
    • Product Design and Development
    • Software Engineering
    • Interactive Media and Creative Technologies
    • Support Services (Business Coaching, Marketing, Legal, Accounting etc.)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Case-study Mash-up
  • Coffee Breaks and Buffet

The organisers wish to thank

ideaSpace for their support in hosting the event
Epitome Law for sponsoring the coffee and tea

Organisers Contact Details:

  • Massimo Gaetani (Maga Coaching) –
  • Mauro Ciaccio (CamTechNet) –

Booking page:

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Testimonial from S.O.

Testimonial about MCGfBG:

I have found that sharing ideas, issues and general thoughts to the group has helped solidify my own thinking and that by others asking questions it has brought to light possible actions to take that I hadn’t previously considered.

I have also found it rewarding to be on the other side of this, to dig into an issue that someone else has raised and to see from the outside how that same progress of communicating an idea or issue and the drilling down into that has resulted in further insight.

S.O. Director of a software development company – Cambridge

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Testimonial from Franco G.

I approached Massimo Gaetani of MaGa Coaching following a period of my life where my business was suffering due to a number of situations that were progressively getting out my control.  Reduced performance in my day to day activities was causing continuous delays to my customer service in spite of working up to 12 hours per day, 7 days peer week.  I felt to be in a spiralling situation and it was difficult to identify a way out: this was causing stress and anxiety that was also affecting my personal life.

Working with Massimo was an amazing experience.  He helped me to analyze the current situation and formulate a challenging albeit achievable plan that started to take shape within a few weeks from the beginning.  I was surprised by how I managed to move to a situation that I found frustrating and with little possibilities into a new one, with an incredible amount of energy and with a thriving business.

I am now running my business by working very few hours a day, no more than 5 days per week. I delegated 80% of selected tasks to my assistants and I am working on my business instead of in it: my sales and customer service are at their historical best and I recently decided to start a new venture for which I engaged MaGa Coaching for a new coaching package.  Given the success I had from the situation described above, I strongly believe that this new project will be a winning one too.

I recommend without hesitation Massimo and MaGa Coaching for any circumstance where you feel you would like to achieve more in your business, whether it is more money, time, effectiveness or resource management: for me it was a true performance booster and I am still wondering how it happened.  We all have great potential and coaching is instrumental to unleash it.

G. Franco – Entrepreneur in Luxury Holiday Villas – Liverpool (UK).

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Get a free coaching session

MaGa Coaching has recently been accepted to be listed in the Suppliers Brokerage directory and awarded EVoucher status from Business Link East.

If you are about to start a new business or running a newly formed company, trading for less than 12 months, you could be entitled to a 2 hours coaching session under the EVoucher scheme that includes all sort of business advise and services, including coaching.   The coaching session can be geared around analysing your current business situation and to define goals about the future of your company to be.

For more information please contact Massimo Gaetani, MD of MaGa Coaching, on 07879 610111 or Email him at

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Testimonial from GL

For some time I have been working on creating a new company to commercialize solar energy technology developed at the Australian National University.  I had visited the Professor involved on two occasions while I was in Australia, but was not achieving much in terms of moving forward with the project given my many other responsibilities and activities.

The primary reason I sought Mr Gaetani’s coaching was to being more focus to the solar energy project. A second, unrelated goal, that I worked with Massimo on was to lose weight and adopt a healthier eating regime.   I found the coaching sessions extremely helpful.

For one thing, they forced me to stop, evaluate where I was, and make a short term and long term plan. They helped me to be more conscious of time passing, and to maintain a sense of urgency for my next actions. Mr Gaetani’s experience in senior roles in business also clearly helped, with suggestions and insights he could offer.

Mr Gaetani is an extremely confident, positive, and energetic person, his energy is extremely motivating especially when I was feeling negative about the project, after having suffered a setback.  Simply having someone with a senior level of experience interested in my progress, and with the time to discuss the challenges I was facing, in a confidential setting, was extremely supportive for me.   In the first six months of coaching, I pulled together the first presentations explaining the technology, worked with the Professor in Australia to perform competitive analysis against the current “industry darling” highly funded startup  competitor, and presented this information to VCs in the UK and the US. I have pulled in the services of a Stanford MBA graduate who is now working with me on a business plan. While of course I always want things to be moving faster, I am quite pleased with my progress as this is a part time activity, and this is vastly more rapid progress than before I started the coaching.   For the other goals, I have lost 6kg in weight, given up coffee, and now eat at home regularly instead of always eating out. That is a very pleasing accomplishment.

GL, high tech consultant and entepreneur – Cambridge

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