Testimonial from PH

As a busy professional I have to make an effort to continually improve and develop my business processes and growing product portfolio. A company has to maintain the key assets it has invested much time and money in, or else they rust away and become worthless. So, each of us is valuable.

Over the years I have attended numerous coaching activities and mentored my staff in gaining and growing confidence. Having “seen it and done it” many a time before, I was refreshed to meet Massimo of MaGa Coaching and learn of his focused approach. I have found over the years that there are few good guides and when you meet them you are struck by how easily and simply they do wonders, creating such simplicity with such economy of effort. Massimo walks the talk.

Personal coaching is just such a journey and for me it was all about “personal branding” – for you it may be different – where I already had all the skills but needed a hand to make it all fit together successfully. It did.

Personal change is difficult to do, however experienced and skilled you may be. Developing the change with a skilled and flexible personal coach worked well for me, especially with a hectic agenda to work around. I gather I am not alone there. Anyway, whatever you do next, think about who and what you are investing in. Then talk with Massimo and sense the difference of a real ‘Sensei'”.

PH, VP of marketing – network consultancy – Cambridge

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 7 April 2008