Dealing with aggressive behaviour at work

Anger ExpressionThis is the first post of its kind, just to give an insight about how coaching can help one’s thinking toward a positive outcome.  As I am just sharing part of the conversation I am maintaining the high confidentiality that is always paramount in the coach-client relationship.

During a workshop I recently run one of the delegates asked me if I would suggest ideas about how to deal with aggressive behaviour. After clarifying that as a coach I refrain from offering suggestions and I offered to show her how I could coach her to her own outcome.  The conversation went about this way:

Massimo: can you describe what do you mean by aggressive behaviour?

Client: I always leave my door open as a personal policy and colleagues feel free to enter without being invited and start yelling at me for whatever reason.

M: does this happen when you are expecting them?

C: no just randomly…

M: and you are just dealing with what they ask on the spot?

C: I have no choice, they are there and yelling… and…

M: it sounds this is affecting profoundly… what is your first feeling about that?

C: I feel powerless…

M: have you thought about alternative behaviours?

C: asking them to calm down never worked when I tried: perhaps arranging an appointment… but I usually get very upset and it ruins the rest of my day…

M: is this slowing down your performance?

C: sometime I waste considerable amount of time just rethinking about the whole situation…

M: can you qualify considerable?

C: many minutes, hours some times…

M: so how would you feel if you could deal with this differently?

C: it would make me feel great and invigorated!

M: ok, please let me ask another question: do you feel physically threatened when this happens?

C: … what do you mean?

M: do you think at any time that one of your colleagues might physically attack you or hurting you?

C: no, absolutely never.

M: great, so if there is no physical threat is their loud voice a threat for you?

C: well… I guess it’s just noise then…

M: so how are you going to deal with the next yeller?

C: well, I will be better prepared and just have a different perspective about the whole behaviour

M: great, well done! And thank you for your honesty in discussing this issue

The whole conversation lasted less than 2 minutes and, at the end of it, her expression was glowing.

She Emailed a few days after thanking me again for the little demonstration and explaining how I managed to change her thinking around aggressive behaviour.  She also mentioned that it helped her to face successfully a couple of incidents that would have ruined her day just a before our session.

We recently experienced a high number of inquiries about how to deal with aggressive behaviour. To help people like you we are running a special telecall, in collaboration with East Anglia Hypnotherapy. If you are affected by aggressive behaviour at home or at work and would like to have some help please
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This post was written by massimo on 23 July 2009

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