How It Works

Our standard coaching methodology is based on a set of 12 weekly or fortnightly sessions, where you and the coach work together to set goals and define a logical set of actions to achieve. The sessions can be face to face or over the phone, to be agreed between you and your coach.

Each session can last between 1 and 3 hours depending on the type of package: business and executive coaching usually require longer sessions. Team coaching is arranged in sessions lasting between half a day to a day and 1 to 3 sessions are usually enough to achieve the desired results.

During the first session the coach will help you to analyze the more important aspects of your business and life that you would like to part of the coaching process: these topics could include:

  • performance at work
  • time management
  • relationship with colleagues, peers and reports and possible conflict resolution
  • career path and promotions
  • family and work/life balance
  • finance management
  • social
  • fitness, well being and weight management
  • housing or anything else that you consider relevant.

All of our clients usually have one or two work/business related goals, followed by one or two life goals. The outcome of this initial process will define the goals that you commit to work on for the remaining sessions.

The following sessions will be action based, where the coach will help you define those actions that are pertinent to each goal. This process will build on what was achieved from session to session, trying to stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Every achievement will be a lesson learnt on which you will capitalize, with the help of the coach and aim towards your next steps.

The true essence of coaching is to ensure that you, in order to maximize results, can answer your own questions and arrive at your own conclusions: at no time will your coach suggest anything or encourage you with phrases like: “you should do this…” or “why don’t you try that…”.

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