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Massimo Gaetani during the workshop

Massimo Gaetani during the workshop

The workshop “Coaching Skills for Business and Life” (CSBL), organised by MaGa Coaching,  was held on the 2 December at the David Lloyd Leisure Centre and once more it exceeded the original expectations of both organisers and delegates.

CSBL was developed, targeting owners of SME and professionals, to cover three main areas:

  • essential coaching tools and techniques to address typical hurdles that can affect your smooth day to day business and can seriously hinder your performance at work.
  • hints about maintaining focus and motivation high, both in yourself and the people you are managing
  • basic understanding of how stress, frustration and anxiety develop and a hints about avoiding them

A total of 7 entrepreneurs from business as diverse as software development, electrical services and low power computer manufacturing attended CSBL.  They all had the opportunity, throughout the workshop, to share their key topics and address different aspects of their work. They all managed to learn some valuable methodologies to assess and improve the way they run their businesses.

The workshop was delivered by Massimo Gaetani, Business and Executive Coach and Managing Director for MaGa coaching. Massimo was once more very impressed by the motivation and determination that was driving the group: the level of participation to the workshop and the exchange of ideas was stunning throughout the whole duration of the workshop. He commented:

“we delivered dense and fast paced content, offering broad variety of concepts that for most people were totally new: given their responses and feedback all delegates received key information that will have a strong impact on the way they run their respective companies. Given the success of this workshop we are now planning others in 2010.  Once more we had the proof that these workshops are excellent tools to connect and engage in highly targeted conversations with our audience, while helping them to boost the way they run their businesses”.

Maga Coaching offers qualified expert coaching services in Cambridge, nationally and internationally: whether you are a solopreneur, a professional or manager in a SME you will benefit of the top quality expertise and bespoke service offered by MaGa Coaching.

Please have a look at the video with some of the testimonials:

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