Personal Coaching

A Personal Coach (or Life Coach) is a professional dedicated to improving your life: helping you to get the best out of it. Personal coaching can help your career, relationships and social life or can address more specific targets like weight management, improved fitness or focus on particular goals that are important to you.

Coaching is not therapy or a cure: anybody can benefit from the help of a professional coach to assist you in specifying your goals and then moving firmly and successfully towards them.  Although there are coaches that specialize in parental, relationship, career or weight management coaching, our approach is to be open and receptive to your needs, work out a bespoke coaching programme for you and assist you on the path by motivating your actions.

To date our experience has covered:

  • career and business achievements, including planning life after redundancy
  • maternity coaching
  • social and workplace confidence
  • finance and debt recovery
  • weight management
  • fitness
  • self esteem
  • emotional, self and body awareness

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