Business Coaching

Business Coaching is proven tool for business owners that would like to achieve more from their business and make more money while working less.

Very often as a business owner, you can be so involved in the day to day running of your business that you can lose focus on the main goals initially set.

Our objective as a business coaches, is to work with high achievers looking to either take their personal business capability to a higher level and to increase substantially their company performance.

At MaGa Coaching we have hands on experience in using Business Coaching methodologies to successfully address areas such as:

  • general management issues: to improve efficiency, work satisfaction and morale;
  • sales planning and management: to improve sales and profitability;
  • change management: using change as morale booster for everybody involved;
  • personnel issues: helping to resolve conflicts and dealing with situations that involve people problems, dysfunctional managers and provisional assistance for those being made redundant;
  • marketing planning and management: to better focus on a market driven approach;
  • business development: to enter new areas of business or to expand the existing ones;
  • product development: to develop and launch new products.

Business Coaching is often used together with Team Coaching: once you have been coached you may see team coaching as the natural progression for your company.

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