Life coaching is one of the newest and most effective personal development and performance improving technique developed in the last century. In the United States from the 1950s the coaching model used in sports began to be transferred into other spheres of work.

A Personal Coach (or Life Coach) is a professional dedicated to improving your life: helping you to get the best out of it. Personal coaching can help your career, relationships and social life or can address more specific targets like weight management, improved fitness or focus on particular goals that are important to you.  A Business Coach applies similar methodologies to the business environment and helps business owners to set up strategies, improve time management and a number of other activities that are pivotal to success in business.  An Executive Coach works primarily with Executives Senior Managers to address a number of key issues around their position, career and performance.

Coaching is not therapy or a cure: anybody can benefit from the help of a professional coach.  Our approach is to be open and receptive to your needs, work out a bespoke coaching programme for you and assist you on the path by motivating your actions and keeping you accountable to them.

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