Make More Money While Working Less workshop: a success to be repeated

Copyright © Kristi Dunlap 2009The Make More Money While Working Less (MMMWWL) workshop was held on the 7 October at the David Lloyd Leisure Centre and it turned up to exceed its original expectations from several points of view.

MMMWWL was developed to cover two main areas, targeting owners of SME:

  • essential business management tools to better understand and quantify how one’s company is doing, offering several alternatives about how to improve profitability and reduce working hours at the same time;
  • essential coaching tools and techniques to address typical situations that create obstacles to the smooth day to day business and can seriously hinder one’s performance at work.

A total of 13 entrepreneurs and senior representatives from business as diverse as translation services, psychology consultancy, will writing and software development attended the workshop.  The various delegates all arrived with their key topics and were focusing on different aspects of their work: they all left with some valuable tools to improve the way they run their businesses.

The workshop was delivered by Massimo Gaetani, Business and Executive Coach and Managing Director for MaGa coaching.  Massimo was very impressed by the highly engaged and motivated group of delegates who were actively participating to the workshop for its whole duration.  He commented:

“we delivered a large amount of content and a broad variety of concepts: each person had obviously a different agenda but it was obvious that they were all receiving key information, very relevant for their business.  Given the success of this workshop we are now planning others for the coming months.  We are convinced that these workshops will become a standard tool to connect and engage in highly targeted conversations with our audience”.

Maga Coaching offers qualified expert coaching services in Cambridge, nationally and internationally: whether you are a solopreneur, a professional or manager in a SME you will benefit of the top quality expertise and bespoke service offered by MaGa Coaching.

Please read below some of the testimonials and watch the video:

“Massimo neatly sequences ideas for increasing revenue with identifying and dealing with obstacles to implementing them. He presents with enthusiasm throughout.  By the end of the workshop, I felt more confident and comfortable about increasing my income”

Graham House – Osteomyologists – Cambridge

“Coming away and reflecting from the workshop has been an extremely positive and thought provoking experience. Massimo has a very unique, interesting and easy understanding approach to coaching. He actively incourages a non traditional way of educating allowing the participant/s to form their own conclusions yet has the ability to provide guidance in a very contructive manner and is able to communicate a wide variety of topics and people”

James Stacey – Green Electrics – Kings Lynn

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 15 October 2009

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Massimo Gaetani interviewed by Radio 209 Cambridge

MaGa Coaching’s MD, Massimo Gaetani, was recently interviewed by Davina and Scratch  during their Drive105 show on Radio 209 , a local community Radio that broadcasts from Cambridge on 105 FM.

In this interview Massimo first explains various aspects of coaching and then he coaches Scratch on a simple dilemma just to explain how coaching can work.

Please listen to the interview here:

Radio209 – Massimo Gaetani’s Interview

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Make More Money While Working Less – Workshop Oct 2009

Please join us at the David Lloyd Leisure Centre on the 7 Oct 2009 between 9:30 and 3:30pm for this exclusive workshop.  MaGa workshops offer to all delegates the possibility of gaining hands-on experience on a broad range of topics.  The formula used by all of our workshops is to coach people toward the various topics explained rather being trained or lectured.

Please check the workshop page and book your place here.

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Get a free coaching session

MaGa Coaching has recently been accepted to be listed in the Suppliers Brokerage directory and awarded EVoucher status from Business Link East.

If you are about to start a new business or running a newly formed company, trading for less than 12 months, you could be entitled to a 2 hours coaching session under the EVoucher scheme that includes all sort of business advise and services, including coaching.   The coaching session can be geared around analysing your current business situation and to define goals about the future of your company to be.

For more information please contact Massimo Gaetani, MD of MaGa Coaching, on 07879 610111 or Email him at

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Improve your business performance and get paid for it

Wouldn’t be great to have the possibility of improving your business and get funded to do that? If your organisation has between 5 and 249 staff, you may be eligible for a Government grant of £1,000 to spend on leadership & management training, coaching or mentoring.

Business and Executive Coaching are excellent tools to boost your business performance and they have proven record of delivering an absolute minimum of 200% ROI.  Coaching helps your company to be more profitable while ensuring a smoother running of your day-to-day business and ultimately delivering higher morale among employees.  It is now possible, for a broader range of companies, to get the Government to fund part of this investment.

Have you ever asked if:

  • The senior managers in your company are role models that are inspiring and motivating staff through changes?
  • Anybody in your business could be helped with their management style?
  • Is your knowledge or your business skills up to date?
  • Are you holding your business back by not delegating and following the old rule that states: “If you want to do something right, do it yourself”?

The Train-to-Gain scheme was recently reviewed and it is now extended to all organizations that:

  • Are private, franchise, public and voluntary bodies.
  • Have between 5 and 249 employees. This is for the whole company, not an individual site.
  • Did not benefit from Leadership and Management grant in the last 12 months.

While the train to gain scheme is applicable to a broad range of coaching, mentoring and training services available to employees in any position within their organization the Leadership and Management section states that:

Train to Gain can help your business:

  • get the essential skills to boost your business performance
  • improve your business efficiency and increase profits
  • help your staff grow in motivation and confidence

To benefit of this service, once checked your eligibility, simply identify a suitable provider for the service you are interested in and then contact the local train-to-gain office.

MaGa Coaching offers a broad range of coaching service to business owners, senior executives and teams.  Please enquire today and check how we can boost your business performance.

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New web site for MaGa Coaching

MaGa Coaching announces the launch of its new web site in November 2008.  Four essential requirements dictated the significant restyling. The new website now:

  • offers an easier, more intuitive user interface improving navigation
  • reflects the latest change of company logo and corporate colours
  • enhances SEO (search engine optimization)
  • sets the basis for further growth in terms of pages and content

This new site, based on WordPress that is the best CMS (content management system) for blog development, carries a number of important advatages for both visitors and publishers.  The Blog section contains all news, article and other PR published by the company and, in perfect blog fashion, it is possible for viewers to actually leave comments and establish a true, two ways, conversation with the company and its people.

Massimo Gaetani, managing director of MaGa Coaching, stated:

“I am very pleased with the overall result: I hope our customers and viewers will appreciate the new look and let us know by leaving comments on the site itself”.

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 22 November 2008

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