Season’s Greetings 2010

Best wishes for a Great Christmas 2010 and a fantastic New Year 2011.  Have a laugh on Massimo’s dance performance below:

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Train To Gain coming to an end

If your organisation has between 5 and 249 staff, you may be eligible for a Government grant of £1,000 to spend on leadership & management training, coaching or mentoring.  Bad news is that this scheme will expire on 31 December 2010.

The Train-to-Gain scheme applies to all organizations that:

  • Are private, franchise, public and voluntary bodies.
  • Have between 5 and 249 employees. This is for the whole company, not an individual site.
  • Did not benefit from Leadership and Management grant in the last 12 months.

While the train to gain scheme is applicable to a broad range of coaching, mentoring and training services available to employees in any position within their organization the Leadership and Management section states that:

Train to Gain can help your business:

  • get the essential skills to boost your business performance
  • improve your business efficiency and increase profits
  • help your staff grow in motivation and confidence

To benefit of this service, once checked your eligibility, simply identify a suitable provider for the service you are interested in and then contact the local train-to-gain office.

MaGa Coaching offers a broad range of coaching service to business owners, senior executives and teams.  Please enquire today and check how we can boost your performance: your chance of getting £1000 off your coaching package will expire soon so hurry up!

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Testimonial from G.B.

I came away from a recent MaGa workshop inspired by both the passion Massimo Gaetani has for business coaching and by the wealth of practical tips and information shared with the group.

G.B. – director of a communications consultancy in Cambridge

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 22 October 2010


MaGa Coaching among the organisers of Skills Bazaar

If you are a entrepreneurs, running a small business in Cambridge and looking to offer your services to companies in the tech cluster this is the event for you!

Massimo Gaetani and MaGa Coaching are taking an active part in organising, promoting and managing this initiative in Cambridge.

The Skills Bazaar is designed to go beyond the traditional networking event.  It will be an event where everyone will be able to look for services or explore potential collaborations.

The programme includes:

Key Speaker: Martin Rigby, VC, entrepreneur and CEO of Psonar

  • “LookBook” handout, including all attendee photos and details
  • Four skills sessions for:
    • Product Design and Development
    • Software Engineering
    • Interactive Media and Creative Technologies
    • Support Services (Business Coaching, Marketing, Legal, Accounting etc.)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Case-study Mash-up
  • Coffee Breaks and Buffet

The organisers wish to thank

ideaSpace for their support in hosting the event
Epitome Law for sponsoring the coffee and tea

Organisers Contact Details:

  • Massimo Gaetani (Maga Coaching) –
  • Mauro Ciaccio (CamTechNet) –

Booking page:

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Workshop for Cambourne Women in Business

Cambourne Women in Business“, a very active networking group based in Cambourne, has recently organised their first business coaching workshop and asked MaGa Coaching to develop bespoke content for them.

Covering a number of key topics revolving around how to best run a business this 3 hours workshop was run by Beatrix Fogler, personal and life coach and Massimo Gaetani, business and executive coach.

The 15 delegates represented a broad range of businesses including Will writing, jewellery design and portrait photography and they all had the opportunity to express their preferences of topics to be discussed. The presentations were then developed with a strong component of interactivity involving each participant and giving them the opportunity of explaining and discussing their particular issues and getting effective help from both the coaches and the other delegates.

Beatrix’s presentation was about:

  • Motivation
  • Time Management


  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Strategic Positioning

Anthonine Arts-Zetteler, member of  the Cambourne Women in Business Committee and organiser of the event commented

“the workshop gave us some very practical tips about how to manage our businesses more effectively. The feedback we had from all participants was great and we are already planning for the next event”.

For more information please contact:

Anthonine Arts-Zetteler – 07807 187 887

Beatrix Fogler – 07869 109 337

Massimo Gaetani – 07879 610 111

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 28 September 2010

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Finding your inner champion

Courtesy and Copyright © Duncan Grisby

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about the word champion is sport: being a champion, the first in your discipline or category, can be applied to other areas of life as well as in business. This article will analyse some aspects of finding your own inner champion.  Most champions have natural talents which they develop and expand in sport, as well as in business. Personal performance can be improved and enhanced by strong commitment; in most cases the expert help from a coach can boost your performance as he/she knows how to get the best of your skills and talent, helping you to find your inner champion.

Back in 2007 the exiting committee of the Cambridge University Kickboxing Society (CUKBS) invited me for a meeting to establish whether I was prepared to be their coach.  We had a short meeting a city’s café and and the president for the society for 2006-07 synthesised in a short sentence the whole essence of their request: “we want to win Varsity versus Oxford”.  My instinctive answer was: “yes sure, as long as you guys are prepared to work for hard it…

It was not an easy task but earlier this year CUKBS managed to finally celebrate their victory in the 2010 Varsity match.  How did I know that we could win?  I was and am confident of my teaching and coaching skills, not only about how to punch and kick but how to enhance mental skills that are essential to be a winner. “more then 50% of the fight is won by the coach” states Luca Senatore local successful entrepreneur and student of mine with a short professional kickboxing career among his achievements.

Kickboxing is a complex discipline: physical performance and endurance are as essential as in any other sport but technique and strategy play a very strong role when you are in a ring in front of somebody whose only mission at that instant is beating you up.   As a coach I can notice from the corner things that the fighter simply does not.   My vision is obviously from a different angle but, more importantly, I have a calmer and detached point of view and I can evaluate and take decisions that are essential to help fighters adjusting their techniques and tactic to the circumstances developing before them.

Winning and becoming a champion, in kickboxing as well as in business, is the combination of a number of factors: it is about mental attitude, self discipline, motivation and determination.  It’s about saying “I can do it and I will do it”.  When working with executive clients I always remind them that their personal performance can be improved and enhanced by consciously working on it.  Experience demonstrates at the same time that the following simple steps are more often easier said than done for the average individual:

  • being aware of what you want to achieve
  • identifying what you need to do for it
  • plan carefully what actions need to be done
  • execute these actions and constantly compare results with expectation
  • adjust the plan if anything drifts

As it happens many things get in the way and focus fades… what yesterday was a strong plan gets disturbed by unlimited interferences in today’s super busy, always online life.   An Executive Coach, very much like a kickboxing coach helps you to formulate and keep connected to your plan, accountable toward your actions, you level of progress and always available to discuss issues that could be pivotal for your development and performance for you being the champion you want to be.

Some people think that champions are born and perhaps in some cases it can be true.   In my experience champions can be made, starting from a willing and determined individual:

  • if you want to excel in kickboxing you should approach an experienced coach that can help you to find your inner champion;
  • if you want to excel in your work and career in senior management you should approach an experienced Executive Coach;

In both cases you could ask me for expert help 🙂

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Testimonial from D.B.

Testimonial about MCGfBG:

The MCGfBG sessions are valuable in two key ways:

  • the managed peer discussions of business issues quickly develops alternative options which would be hard for an individual to develop on their own;
  • the ability to practice coaching techniques in a facilitated environment hones these skills for use in the work place.

D.B. high tech entrepreneur – Cambridge

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 22 July 2010

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Testimonial from S.O.

Testimonial about MCGfBG:

I have found that sharing ideas, issues and general thoughts to the group has helped solidify my own thinking and that by others asking questions it has brought to light possible actions to take that I hadn’t previously considered.

I have also found it rewarding to be on the other side of this, to dig into an issue that someone else has raised and to see from the outside how that same progress of communicating an idea or issue and the drilling down into that has resulted in further insight.

S.O. Director of a software development company – Cambridge

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 29 June 2010

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Creating Cambridge The BIG Summer BBQ


Where great conversation, inspiration and ideas come together!

When? Friday 16th July 2010
Where? The Ranch, 100 Histon Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB4 3JP

The BBQ event will be brought to you by:
Cambridge Pitch and Mix / CamCreative / CaMedia / CHASE / Connected Cambridge

If you are interested in technology, creative ideas, life sciences and entrepreneurship then join us, Creating Cambridge, on Friday July 16th at The Ranch, Histon Road, Cambridge

Booking is essential and only 200 tickets are available, so book early to avoid missing out! Ticket prices include food only.

Early Bird Prices @ £10.00 per head – Must book before Sunday 27th June.

Full Price @12.50 per head


Any proceeds from the event will go to our three named charities: Romsey Mill, Children’s Cambridge Hospice, and Women in Africa.

We have 4 confirmed sponsors already but we could always do with a few more! If you wish to sponsor this event please contact or

If you would like to know a bit more about how this event all started read this post on the blog.

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Testimonial from A.P.

Testimonial about Business Coaching Package:

Massimo has helped our business focus on the issues that matter by providing an open framework which he facilitated with good humour, space and sound awareness of the issues that we faced as a small business.

A.P. – Director – Social Care agency providing services to children and young people

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