9 questions to ask before hiring a personal coach

coachCoaching has become a fashionable profession.  More and more people are now considering normal the idea that a coach can effectively help them to move from a current situation to an expected outcome within their life and business.  This new trend has also inspired many people to call themselves coaches while they are not.  So if you are considering hiring a personal coach to help your self development you could use the following questions to assess his/her experience and credibility:

  1. what coaching qualifications do you hold?
  2. what can I achieve from being coached from you?
  3. how can you advise me about my life?
  4. on what areas can you coach me?
  5. in what areas do you specialise?
  6. how long have you been coaching for?
  7. who are your clients at the moment?
  8. what is your background before you started coaching?
  9. do you offer packages or do you charge on a on going basis?

I will list below some acceptable answers you might get and that you can compare to your personal expectations:

  1. I hold and Intensive Coaching Training Certificate from Results Coaching System” or “I qualified as a coach from the Coaching Academy”: coaching is at the moment unregulated.  Anybody can start selling his/her time as a coach and unfortunately many people out there are currently doing it.  Having a qualification from a recognised training institution will guarantee you to be dealing with a real coach not just somebody who defines himself/herself a coach.
  2. Anything realistically achievable that you are willing to commit time and resources to” or “it will depend on what you would like to achieve”: coaching can help you to move from a current situation to an expected outcome.  In any case the coach cannot know before hand what you would like and can achieve from the coaching.  It should sound suspicious if he/she speculates on the expected outcome.
  3. As a coach I refrain from advising, I ask questions and help you to find your own answers”: coaching is about asking questions and not advising.  A coach that advises is not a coach but perhaps a mentor, consultant or trainer.
  4. “As a personal coaching I can help most individuals in a broad number of areas, such as personal performance, improving social, romantic and business relationships, parenting, weight management, finance, housing, project management, personal achievement, midlife crisis and motivation: the question is what areas would you like to be coached on?”: different coaches will offer perhaps different answers.
  5. I work primarily with personal clients, private individuals, who are usual in management or professional roles that would like to achieve more from their life”: it’s preferable dealing with somebody that has clear idea of who his/her clients are and that chooses to work just with them rather than a person that works with anybody who comes along.
  6. Have been coaching for 3 years, full time for the last 18 months”: coaching is a relatively new profession and the top qualified coaches in the UK have been coaching for just a bit more that ten years.  Therefore 2-3 years experience is considered a good and reliable level of expertise.
  7. following our code of ethics I cannot disclose who my clients are: I occasionally mention situations and coaching conversations while I always keep my client’s identity confidential”  Beware of a coach who lists their clients’ names.
  8. I have 10 years experience in training and education” or “I have over 15 years of management experience in both junior, senior and board positions in small to large enterprises”: some coaches have a background in HR or psychology and build on that; at the same time coaching is a methodology to deal with issues that goes beyond the actual background so any solid work experience will be a great start for a professional willing to become a coach.
  9. I offer several packages like personal, business and executive based on 12 sessions developed over 3 to 6 months”: open ended payment schemes where you start one day without a clear idea of when you finish are reflecting the working methodology of therapists: they are also encouraging the coach to keep you engaged as long as possible in order to make more money off you.

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This post was written by massimo on 28 August 2009

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Testimonial from Liz Burton-King

Massimo Gaetani is an inspiring, focussed and confident coach.  I attended a one day group session which centred on helping those in educational settings to address some common issues and develop strategies to tackle them.

It turned out that we were all interested in the coaching technique itself, which was revealed to be a cohesive, non-confrontational way of dealing with barriers to our own self-fulfillment.

I left with a clearer view of the questions to ask myself, and am now better equipped to deal with situations in my work and personal life that previously would simply have made me quietly cross. I am supremely confident that if your business needs to clarify its aims, ambitions and methodology, Massimo would help you unlock your potential and leave you feeling much better placed to deal with the challenges that come your way.

Liz Burton-King – Ipswich

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 10 August 2009

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Testimonial from Franco G.

I approached Massimo Gaetani of MaGa Coaching following a period of my life where my business was suffering due to a number of situations that were progressively getting out my control.  Reduced performance in my day to day activities was causing continuous delays to my customer service in spite of working up to 12 hours per day, 7 days peer week.  I felt to be in a spiralling situation and it was difficult to identify a way out: this was causing stress and anxiety that was also affecting my personal life.

Working with Massimo was an amazing experience.  He helped me to analyze the current situation and formulate a challenging albeit achievable plan that started to take shape within a few weeks from the beginning.  I was surprised by how I managed to move to a situation that I found frustrating and with little possibilities into a new one, with an incredible amount of energy and with a thriving business.

I am now running my business by working very few hours a day, no more than 5 days per week. I delegated 80% of selected tasks to my assistants and I am working on my business instead of in it: my sales and customer service are at their historical best and I recently decided to start a new venture for which I engaged MaGa Coaching for a new coaching package.  Given the success I had from the situation described above, I strongly believe that this new project will be a winning one too.

I recommend without hesitation Massimo and MaGa Coaching for any circumstance where you feel you would like to achieve more in your business, whether it is more money, time, effectiveness or resource management: for me it was a true performance booster and I am still wondering how it happened.  We all have great potential and coaching is instrumental to unleash it.

G. Franco – Entrepreneur in Luxury Holiday Villas – Liverpool (UK).

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 6 August 2009

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Interview at Belfry Hotel July 2009

Massimo Gaetani, MaGa Coaching’s CEO, was recently interviewed by Mark Peters and the Star Radio team during a seminar on Social Networking run by Ian McKendrick, a Cambridge based entrepreneur, consultant and social networking evangelist.

Massimo first describes here a few issues about coaching a business and what people can get out of it and then the important aspect of social networking to promote his business.   Enjoy the view:

Maga Coaching Interview 22nd July 2009 from Mark Peters on Vimeo.

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 5 August 2009

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Testimonial from John Payne

John took part to one day workshop about “using coaching at work”: here is his testimonial:

I was very sceptical about coaching at the beginning of the day but was totally convinced of its merits by lunchtime.

Certainly has equipped me with the skills to move my department forward.

John Payne, Head of Food Technology, Chantry High School.

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This post was written by MaGa Coaching on 3 August 2009

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